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Thailand customs

Free import

For over 20 year olds:
• 200 cigarettes or 250g cigars 250g of tobacco
• 1L of alcohol
• Non-commercial amount of gifts and other items for personal use of up to 10,000 local currency (Baht)


• Narcotics and other controlled substances
• Pornography
• Counterfeit items
• Goods with Thai flag on them
• Fake Royal or other Official seals
• Copyright infringing items
• Local currency


• Live animals – health certificate required along with complete and valid inoculations. Contact nearest embassy to obtain permission.
• Plants, foodstuff and seeds– health certificate require. Check with the nearest embassy.
• Weaponry and ammunition – permission obtainable from Ministry of Interior. Check with the nearest embassy.
• Medication
• Foreign currency – any amounts need to be declared.

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